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eddie makeup toturial by lovethejoker
eddie makeup toturial
this is for a couple of friends who have been asking for a tutorial, i thought i might as well put it on deviant art.

this was my first timer ever doing eddie gluskin makeup, actually my first time ever doing gore. i'm not completely satisfied with the outcome but i guess practice is a big part of it too.

1) the first thing i did was putting on a basic kind of makeup. y'know foundation and powder, to get the kind of dull pale skin color eddie has. i went over my lips lightly with the powder to make them looked dry and cracked.
2) next thing i did was my eyes. i started off with using a red eyeliner just make them look kind of sick. then i used i light brown eyeshadow on my eyelids all the way up to my eyebrow. i added a darker brown shade to the inner of my eye and all the way under my eye. i used a bit of base colored lipgloss on my eyelids to make them look sweaty and dirty. i don't recommend it, it's sticky and gross and it's damn hard to get off but it looks really sick in a good way with the look. 
3) for the eyebrow i just made sure to make them thick and dark like eddies, i used both eyeliner and brown eyeshadow for this. but remember to only color half of one eyebrow since eddie has a wound there.
4) as i final touch to the base makeup i added some shadows to make my face look even more sick. i used th dark brown eyeshadow again. i put some on my forehead right above my eyebrows. on my cheeks to make them look kind of starved. down along my nose, under my lower lip and most importantly under my jawline.

now for the gross part

5) first i marked all the wounds with red paint, you could really use anything, eyeshadow, face paint, whatever. i used a light red and then shaded the middle with a darker red. i also put a little brown around the edge of the found to add some depth
6) then i put i thin layer of latex liquid over all the wounds
i don't remember the brand of latex liquid i used but i'm pretty sure anything would do. i haven't had much experience with it and i can give out my favorite brand. if you want to know where to get some, i got mine from a local costume shop but you can also check out this website…
7) once it was sticky enough i but on little clumps of cotton and went over them with latex. i continued this until they got the thickness i wanted.
8) once they were dry enough i shaded them with red like in step 5
9) finally i added fake blood. i used two types. one that i got with the latex skin. it was more sticky and didn't drip. i used that for the wounds. the other type was some stuff my dad made with syrup and fruit dye. i used that for my blood crying eye since it dripped nicely down my cheek.

i don't know if this was at all helpful, i'm far from professional and when ever i do makeup i just kind of go along and see what looks good.

more eddie gluskin can be found here…
so as the title implies this is just a quick update. so as you can probably see I went to a convention called Genkicon in Denmark. it was super fun and awesome and i met so many cool people. I hope they enjoy the pictures I took.

with that said I have a bunch of stuff i need to post. I still have a lot of old things i want to post. I've decided to post some more of my photography. before i only wanted to post photography on my pinterest account but it can't seem to handle the big file images like deviantart can so i will be posting a lot of photography soon.
i also have some old face paint makeup things there will be up including makeup as mystique from x-men. 
then I have some old files of some chalk drawings i did that I can't find, but if I do find them, they will be posted too!
then i have a bunch of NEW drawings, yay! that i will post, but the problem is they are A3 and my scanner is not big enough for them so i will have to borrow one at my mom's work so that will be complicated…
then of course I will be posting pictures of my cosplay from Genkicon, i can say this much about it: it's a character from the horror game outlast ;)
and then at last i've started doing some commissions for friends again so there will be a few of those too.

exciting stuff eh? :D

WARNING! this means you will be bombarded with new art in the future! please don't hate me! place don't stop following me! ^^;



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