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If you read this, you shall now check my gallery! XP

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guys if your pic is here it's because i love you! :love:
hello y'all! I am back from the dead or not actually I'm more like stepping in to a zombie mode now but yeah I'll explain!
first of all good to see your handsome icons and usernames, always a pleasure!
I'm glad to be back and inform that I bring new stuff AND new rules!
yes this will be interesting do keep on reading...
so I discovered a folder on my computer with finished ready to be uploaded art!
yay suprize! I will upload the stuff from that folder of course but new things are also about to happen here. you see for a long time I didn't bother to upload my photos and my sketches because they wouldn't get any views and it would be too much work for me to upload if nobody was gonna watch it, yes I'm a lazy person when I want to. ANYWHO I figured just too bad cuz I have so many sketches and most of them will never be finished so why not post them?? yup so from now on I will be posting all my art here on this page sketches will still mainly be on my tumblr ( but I figured I had to separate art and fandom a bit haha.

okay but with that said all this new stuff will happen one sunny day when I'm done with the exams and I don't have work, look forward to it! it will be exciting! I promise!

okay have fun kids!

btw if anyone care enough to have read through all this, what have you been doing while I was dead?
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Art is my escape to a better place.
It is where I get a little peace from life and all it's troubles.
It is my own world.
And in this world you are only invited if I let you in.
This is my dream and I decide what will happen.

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kahengrace Mar 22, 2014  Professional Photographer
just uploaded a new image for you ;)

Torque5 Mar 3, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Hey!! Long time no talk! How's it been?
yeah I was busy but in the best way possible =D also we're going to play in Berlin and Tivoli (amusement park in copenhagen)
do you want me to send the pictures to your mail or something?

oh well you let me know when something is happening right ;) I'm really excited for you! what did you do in the TV show?

uh you gotta put some pictures here on DA! are you going to use fake scars or will you paint them? hihi I'd be your Harley anytime for sure! I'd kick ass as nurse Harley XD and actually I might live in the USA at that time, but I'm sure you'll find your harley haha and if you're starting this early I'm sure it will be spectacular! :dummy:
Torque5 Mar 14, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Wow, that's so cool!!! So happy for you :) And yeah that'd be cool :)! My e-mail is! Also, if you wanna friend me on FB, here's the link to my profile :) [link]

Haha of course I'll let you know when something's happening with my band :iconrockoutplz:! On the TV show I played a younger version of the main character (played by Kevin Bacon) in a few flashback scenes!

Of course I'll be putting pics on DA! My page just kinda didn't update much because there really wasn't much to show past a certain point, but now I'm back lol :XD:!! Seeing as I'm doing Arkham Joker from the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games and he doesn't have any scars in the games (just a twisted painted smile), I'll only need paint! And awww thanks :iconglompplz: You'd be the perfect Nurse Harley!! BTW where would you be living in the USA? Would it be close to New York? And lolol yeah hopefully I can find a Harley! Lol I'm really gonna go all out on the costume and voice impression for this cosplay!!
oh actually most of the photos are already up on fb so you can just accept my friend request and go stalk my wall XD ha there should be more than many posts from the musical ;)

and that sounds super cool! I'm really looking forward to see something from it!

it's good to have you back in the game! you're absolutely right about the scars, he doesn't originally have them in Arkham asylum, I must be mixing things up a bit with the comic batman r.i.p. I read recently ^^;

I don't know where yet, I'll inform you when I do but I'm actually going to new york here in the easter ;)

I know you'll find your Harley and it could be quite fun if you did an expression of the arkham joker, like a video like you did with Heath's joker ;)
omg hi! how are you?!

I've been good! just finished a huge musical production we've been working on since August. it became insanely popular and I met so many new amazing people =D
Torque5 Mar 12, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Hey great to hear back from you :)! That's awesome news about your musical production!! So glad things are working out for you! What did you do in it?
Is there a link to the finished product that I can listen to? And I've been good! I was on a TV show called "The Following" recently, I have a new band which really kicks ass, and I'm also working on a new cosplay that you're gonna love :)...ARKHAM JOKER :iconarkhamjokerplz:!! I've ordered almost everything now, and I'm gonna be mainly doing this for New York Comic Con this year!! Still looking for an Arkham Harley Quinn lolol :XD:
you too! and well there is a huge amount of photos from the show and a film is in progress (should be finished in a month) I could send some photos if you wanna get a peek. and basically what I did was play a small part as the agent Rock, play guitar and sing in choir. I was also co-director and costume designer so it was a pretty big deal for me ^^;

that's great! how awesome about the tv show and your band! is there any way I could see something from it?

oh my glob! I'm sooo looking forward to that! god, the things i would do to be your harley XD btw when's the new york comic con?
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keyofawesomefangirl Feb 5, 2013
how are you doing, i miss your new artwork
well Just got over being sick for 3 weeks and a huge project for the exams but I'm back now and hopefully upload some art again ;)
how about you?
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